Welcome to the music of Des Owen

If you like my music then I'm a happy man.  I started singing in folk clubs when I was under drinking age and found, like most, that this business can be cruel.  I kept writing songs and trying to play them to as many as would listen I guess.  After a while I tried my hand at singing for money.  I didn't get rich, of course, but I travelled the country and met many wonderful people - luckily mostly deaf.

On the Circuit
For many years I played the club and pub circuit in North Wales, Yorkshire, London, Oxford and a few other areas.  Humping your gear around is exhausting but it paid the rent.  I don't think I ever had a bad night except for one night in Yorkshire when my PA blew up.

Concerts Rock
Although really scary, concerts are what I now enjoy the most.  I don't do many but those I have done have usually been with friends as guests to mix up the evening somewhat.  The last concert was for the Children of Chernobyl and we managed to raise 5,000.  The next concert is being planned for August 2011 as part fo the famous Conwy River Festival.

Music Nights at the Maesdu Golf Club, Llandudno
I host a music night at the Maesdu Golf Club, Hospital Road, Llandudno. I have fantastic guests helping me out and everyone is enjoying these shows very much.  The venue is superb. We hold the show on the first Weds of every month and the show starts at 8:00pm.